Red Chasm

For years, you’ve been trying to get access to the ruins recently found on Mars; and now you have your chance. However, a mere couple of days after getting access, the military has shipped in, kicking you and your colleagues out. But this is your life goal; so are you going to let them keep you out? No, you’re going to sneak past the MPs and navigate through the ruins, to try to find exactly what the military wanted to keep you from finding.

Red Chasm is a first person puzzler where you need to solve puzzles to progress, while making sure your suit doesn’t run out of power when exploring in the dark.

Your options!

If you want to read what other people think of Red Chasm, you can take a look at any of the below sites!
  • First of all, Edge Magazine (the ones who hosted the contest for which we created Red Chasm) has posted an article on The Best of the Rest which included Red Chasm (w00t!)
  • was the first step that got us the attention, and has a couple of reviews as well
  • is a Russian site, but it has a couple of good fun reviews (if google translate is to be believed)
  • Our IndieDB page has a single review at the time of writing (hopefully more on the way!)
  • This article on gives Google Translate some trouble, but overall is an interesting review (and keep reading past the intro!)

(GameTunnel does link to us, but nobody’s reviewed it there).



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